Corporate Governance

Corporate governance is the set of policies, processes and procedures affecting the way a company is controlled and administered. It covers stakeholders, the relationship between them, the company and the strategic vision of the company. Corporate Governance principles as applied by the Company rests on transparency, adequate disclosures, complete compliance with the laws, equality, professionalism, accountability and ultimately the target of maximizing shareholders value besides catering to the interests of the creditors, employees, the environment and the society in broad.

Company’s philosophy of corporate governance represents the dual goals of protecting the interests of all stakeholders while respecting duty of the board and management to oversee affairs of the company and promote long-term growth and profitability.

Approach to Corporate Governance

TECHNIPLEX’s approach to governance, which has been largely consistent over time, is to:

  • a) Promote long term profitability of the company while prudently managing risk.
  • b) Drive superior and sustainable shareholder value over long term through alignment of the interests of stakeholders and employees.
  • c) Meet stakeholder expectations of sound corporate governance as part of TECHNIPLEX’s broader responsibility to clients, shareholders, investors and the community in which it operates.

Company has the relentless endeavor to implement and maintain superior standards of Corporate Governance norms and has been practicing the principles of good Corporate Governance. We are committed to run business in a manner, which will ensure sustainable, capital efficiency and long-term growth and in order to achieve these Company has built up a strong base stone for making Corporate Governance a way of life by having an independent board with experts of eminence and integrity, inducting competent professionals across the organization and putting in place best systems, process and technology.

We bring passion, dedication and innovation that matter and making a difference in the lives of those we touch.