Who We Are

TECHNIPLEX INTERNATIONAL LIMITED, the leading business conglomerate and the fastest growing marketing and distribution house in Bangladesh started its journey from 1993. Techniplex has developed solid partnerships with some of the world’s leading brands in medical devices & instruments. From the very inception, Techniplex has been well structured and fine-tuned in promoting and establishing leading brands of internationally reputed companies. This is reflected in liaise with the leading companies like Troge Medical GMBH, Hamburg, Germany; Heyer Medical AG, Germany; Dewimed Medizintechnik GmbH,Germany; Kalamed, Germany; Grena Limited, UK; Brandon Medical, UK; Glendimplex UK; Medima Sp. Z.o.o, Poland; Alvo Medical, Poland; BMS K Europe S. L., Canada; 3A HEALTH CARE S.R.L., Italy; Ginevri S.R.L., Italy;Seiva of Czech Republic; ErtuncOzcan, Turkey; Bexen Cardio, Spain; Adventa Health SdnBhd, Malaysia; Shanghai Flower Medical, China; Render Health, China; Gemmy Industrial Corporation, Taiwan; JOSON-CARE ENTERPRISE CO.,LTD., Taiwan and Yondon Enterprise Co., Taiwan. We gratefully acknowledge the support from these global players that has rendered a thriving momentum to our quest for quality.

Bangladesh is a land of 168 million people, has virtually no domestic manufacturing industry and only produces a negligible number of low-tech medical devices. Almost all medical goods are imported. There are 1 medical University, 23 Govt. Medical Colleges, 48 Private Medical College Hospitals, 8 postgraduate Institutes, 2 Institutes of Health technology, 3800 Hospitals and Clinics, and almost 18000 Diagnostic Centers and Health centers, Health Care NGO 120 in all over Bangladesh. The number of this medical college Hospitals, Diagnostic centers and Health centers are increasing rapidly. This clearly indicates the growth in this sector. Based on collated monthly data, imports for the year ending December 2021 recorded a rise of around 12% over the previous year.

Techniplex has the largest number of sales &distribution network in Bangladesh. Our sales & distribution network focused on quality assurance, aims at being one of the leading distribution setups in Bangladesh. From the outset, it has been equipped with air conditioned warehousing; a computerized inventory management and invoicing system, with a strong IT based distribution network system. Engaging more than 60people, with own vehicles/transports Techniplex maintain strict quality standards in compliance with GMP guidelines, serving commercial depots throughout the country.

Excellent relationship with the doctors, hospitals, clinics, Techniplex is playing a vital role in marketing & distributing medical devices and instruments to meet the local market demand.